Family Ministry

Welcome to CCC Family Ministry

Our aim:

we want to introduce our belief into all aspects of family life: relationships between husbands and wives and parents and children; children education, and respecting the old and looking after the young, in order to establish Christian families which are filled with God's love and become the testimonies for God's glory.



Our regular courses:

(Note: all courses are for both Christians and non-Christians, please contact Min. Helen Zhang.)

  • Christian Belief Foundation Course
    ( for those who want to know more about Christianity and the new believers)
  • Marriage Course (for married couples who want to have a better marriage life)
  • Pre-marriage Course
    ( for those who planning to be married)
  • Teenager-parenting Course( for those who have teenager children or the helpers who look after teenagers)
  • Cooking Class( experienced teachers teach you how to cook different, delicious Chinese and western foods and deserts)


Our regular events:

Family Fellowship

  • On the last Friday of every month, we start with a simple meal at 6:30pm.
  • At about 7:15pm, we have different kinds of study, communication and sharing about family , marriage etc based on our belief in an relaxing atmosphere.
  • At the same time, we have some interesting activities for our children too: Bible stories, games, arts and crafts, etc. We will have outings in warm seasons.


Cedar Fellowship

  • Between 10am and 12pm on the second and the fourth Wednesdays of every month.
  • We welcome all brothers and sisters at 50 or over years of age.
  • We also offer free morning tea.
  • There are different kinds of suitable events for this group.

We also have

Family Prayer Chain, Special Family Prayer Meeting, Family Camp and Family outings etc.


We sincerely invite you to join these courses and events. Please contact us for the details.

We plan to have new courses and events too. Please check CCC weekly new letter for these. Do not miss them!