MOSAIC 是我們星期天晚上的英語堂!

我們從下午4:30開始享用下午茶,然後在下午5點舉行崇拜。 我們每月在崇拜後還會有一次Potluck聚餐。




We take our inspiration and vision from God’s Word describing what a church should look like and from Henri Nouwen’s description of Christian Community being like a MOSAIC…

“Community is like a large MOSAIC.
Each little piece seems so insignificant.
One piece is bright red, another cold blue or dull green,
another warm purple, another sharp yellow, another shining gold.
Some look precious, others ordinary.
Some look valuable, others worthless.
Some look gaudy, others delicate.
As individual stones, we can do little with them,
except compare them and judge their beauty and value.
When, however, all these little stones are brought together in one big MOSAIC
portraying the face of Christ, who would ever question the importance of any one of them?
If one of them, even the least spectacular one,
is missing, the face is incomplete.
Together in the one mosaic,
each little stone is indispensable,
and makes a unique contribution,
to the glory of God.
That’s community!
A fellowship of little people who together make God visible in the world.”

– Henri Nouwen


Come and join us any Sunday night. You are most welcome.