C3 K.F.C. Holiday Programme

I would like to say that our April C3 KFC Holiday Programme is now open for enrolments!

We will be running it from 2nd – 6th October 2017.  Please find more details here:

 C3 K.F.C. 2017 Holiday Programme

Please contact Emma at c3kfcministry@gmail.com for an enrolment pack today!

Our ages are mostly from 5 – 11 years old (although the oldest one might be easily bored!).

See you soon!



 Our activities are very diverse
  • We take into account the development of the child's body, mind and spirit
  • To help our children learn about the word of God, we have a Biblical theme each time.
Other than that, we have many outdoor activities such as
  • visits to the various activity centre in Christchurch
  • games, movies, educational activities and swimming among others.


For more info, contact Emma at c3kfcministry@gmail.com or 0210408998.