Staff Team

Senior Pastor

Jack Stuart

He has been our Senior Pastor since 1989. He is originally from NZ and his wife Becky is from Hong Kong. Pastor Jack speaks reasonable Mandarin and Cantonese, and his English is very good! Along with our other staff and Governing Board, Pastor Jack leads our Church and does most of the preaching at our Morning services and at our MOSAIC service. 

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Cantonese Congregation Minister

Joshua Long

Joshua is from Malaysia. He is one of the full-time ministers in the church, who is leading the Cantonese Congregation. He is also the leader of Mandarin Praise and Worship team. Joshua graduated his Theology from Malaysia Bible Seminary, and start serving full-time in this church since 2015. He and his wife Sharon have two lovely daughters, Lois and Abigail. He is also involved with the Sunday Mandarin service. 

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Encounter Congregation Minister

Allen Hou

He is one of the full-time ministers in the church, who is leading the Encounter Congregation. Allen is also involved with ministries to do with young people, and often translates in the church. Allen and his family immigrated from Taiwan in 1998, and had completed his engineering and theological studies in Christchurch. Allen became an extremely happy man in 2015 when he married Yixing, and are both serving the young people in the church and community.

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Family Ministry Minister

Helen Zhang

Zhang Hui (Helen) graduated from Nankai University in China, majoring in Law. In 1996, she immigrated to New Zealand and became a Christian in 2002. In 2013, she received a Master of Family Counseling from Harvard Theological Seminary. Zhang Hui is currently in charge of the Family Ministries of the church.

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Young Adults Minister

Danlu Zheng

She is one of the ministers in the church, she is leading the young adults ministry in this church. Danlu and her family immigrated to NZ in 2001. She finished her Bachelor degree of Theology from Laidlaw College in 2013 and start serving full-time in this church in 2014. She is also involved with the Saturday Encounter service and the Sunday morning service.

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Youth Worker

Ryan Cheong

He is from Singapore and has been living in Christchurch for about 6 years. He is employed full time at the church and looks after the High School Ministry of the church. He attends the Chinese/English Sunday Service at 11am and the Encounter Saturday Service at 5.30pm regularly.

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Children’s Worker and Church Finances

Emma Chin

She is from Malaysia and have been living in Christchurch for almost 10 years.

She looks after the Children’s Ministry administrative side as well as the Under 5s Sunday School. Emma is also the church treasurer and looks after the finances and offerings of the church. She is also involve with the Sunday evening congregation, Mosaic.

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Church Administrator

Joanna Tu

She is from Malaysia and have been in the church administrator role for 1 and 1/2 years now. She looks after the administrative side of the church as well as produce the church’s weekly newsletter.

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