Welcome to the Christchurch Chinese Church website

We are one Church, in five Congregations.
Begun as a purely Chinese Church since 1989,
we are now a church that
embraces people from many different cultures and backgrounds.
Our roots will always be Chinese, but our future is
to be a church for all peoples.

Worship Schedule

  • Encounter  5:30pm, Sat
  • Mandarin/English  9:00am, Sun (finish with morning tea)
  • Mandarin/English  11:15am, Sun (finish with morning tea)
  • Cantonese  1:30pm, Sun (finish with afternoon tea)
  • Mosaic  5:00pm, Sun (begin with a light meal)

ROMANS is the greatest book in the New Testament, some say the greatest book in the whole Bible.

Embarking on a Study of ROMANS is like setting out to climb a Great mountain. It takes preparation, patience, endurance and Faith. Come with us as we go chapter by chapter through this great book in our morning and mosaic services beginning Feb. 11-Sept 23rd.

2016 Christmas in the Carpark
2016 Bag of Love