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NOTE: Because of Coronavirus (Covid-19), weekend church services will be live streaming online till further notice

We are one Church, in five Congregations. Begun as a purely Chinese Church since 1989, we are now a church that embraces people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Our roots will always be Chinese, but our future is to be a church for all peoples.

Live stream schedule (Temporary)

  • Encounter  5:30pm, Sat (FB Live)
  • Mandarin/English  10:00am, Sun
  • OWL Children's Ministry  11:00am, Sun (FB Live)
  • Cantonese  1:30pm, Sun
  • Mosaic  No live

Sermons & Testimonies

An Important message from the Governing Board of our Church (CCB)

To all the Brothers and sisters in Christchurch Chinese Church

Greetings to you all in the precious Name of our Lord!

In response to the Govt. announcement this afternoon, we feel it is wise and prudent that all of our Congregations close weekend services from this Saturday 21 st March until further notice. (Mandarin, Cantonese, Encounter and Mosaic.) All groups and gatherings at our Church Building will also stop. Home Groups off-site may continue to gather, or may meet online.

We will be posting regular messages and videos on our Church website; www.chinesechurch.org.nz and on our Church Facebook page. Please check our website regularly for info and messages. Until further notice we will have worship services online.

It is very important during these special times that we as a church stay in touch with one another, and love one another. We are the Body of Christ! We will do our best to make sure any vulnerable or needy brothers and sisters are supported and cared for. Please check into our website for messages of how we can stay in touch and how we can help friends and neighbours through this difficult time. We believe that God can bring good out of this awful situation. Let us all stay safe, love God, love one another, and love our neighbour.

CCB (Corney Kuo, Pastor Jack, Adrian Ting, Sean yang, Wendy Kwan, John Ngo, Judy Lin)
Thursday evening 19th March 2020

Upcoming Events

Because of Coronavirus (Covid-19), weekend church services will be live streaming online till further notice

Sunday Worship Schedule
Nov 10 th 2019 – Mar 29 th 2020

  • Encounter  5:30pm, Sat
  • Mandarin/English  10:00am, Sun (finish with morning tea)
  • Cantonese/English  1:30pm, Sun (finish with afternoon tea)
  • Mosaic  5:00pm, Sun (begin with a light meal)

Donation Receipts

Hope everybody is keeping well. Please be rest assured that receipts will be given out but only after we are allowed back into the church office. If you do require a receipt and have yet to tick the box, please email emma.chin@chinesechurch.org.nz with your offering number.

In the meanwhile, thank you for continuing your offering online. Please do make sure you follow the instructions on our website (http://chinesechurch.org.nz/en/giving/).

Our Church Response to Covid19 Virus?

At times like this, it is very important that Churches stay connected and that we be the Body of Christ; the feet, hands, ears, eyes and mouth of our Lord. People all around
us have anxiety and fears that are actually making them more susceptible to getting this virus. Fear and worry actually weakens the immune system. They need Jesus!

So to stay connected we would like to make sure we have your contact details correct; phone and email. Today, if you are willing we would like to collect your name and contact
details. Also many of our groups will be using “Zoom” to stay in touch. You can find out about Zoom at https://bit.ly/2U6wpHd or ask one of your friends who are good with technology. It would be helpful if everyone who can, has Zoom on your computer or phone. In the near future we may be having our prayer meetings and small group meetings on Zoom. Also we will be putting lots of info on our website; www.chinesechurch.org.nz Please check it often. All our recorded sermons can also be accessed through our website.

It is important that as much as possible we follow our Lord’s command to Love our Neighbour. To help with this we have produced some leaflets, that if you like you can drop into your neighbour’s letterboxes. These leaflets express your concern for your neighbour with an offer to help. You can pick up some leaflets in the foyer if you like. Our Church staff are here to support you. Our church also has a fund for helping needy families. If you or your neighbour need help, our church may be able to help. You can contact any of our staff and discuss this with them. God bless you at this time.

Ps. Jack, translated by Bro Johnny Lee